Visit These Tourist Attractions While Exploring the City of Melbourne

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Vacation is one of the activities usually done by humans to refresh the mind. Because with a vacation, they will be able to get new experiences and things. That’s why the impression on vacation must be attractive, this impressg to the conditions of the holiday. One of them is a destination that will be used as a destination for a vacation.

For those of you who have a hobby of having a vacation abroad, maybe you can try to make Melbourne one of your destination options. Because many things can be obtained by visiting the city, which is one of the most famous cities in Australia, especially in this part of Victoria.

Some Interesting Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

For those of you who want to experience doing a vacation abroad on a mediocre budget, visiting the capital city of Victoria is the most appropriate answer. Because this city is known as a city that is economical and attractive. Moreover, there are several interesting tourist attractions in it so that it can attract visitors from other countries.

  • Flinders Street

One of the icons that symbolize the beauty of Melbourne is Flinders Street. This place is the main street in the capital of Victoria and is often used by residents and tourists alike to walk around the streets. What’s interesting about this place is the buildings around the street that have different and interesting models and architectures, making them suitable as photo spots.

  • Melbourne Aquarium

If you are still around Flinders Street, don’t forget to go visit the Melbourne aquarium. This place is a tourist attraction that will give satisfaction to those of you who like fish. Because this tourist attraction will present an underwater aquarium so that it will display a variety of interesting and beautiful aquatic animals. The architectural value of this object is also one of the highlights of visitors because it has its beauty.

  • Royal Botanic Gardens

For those of you who want to relax by enjoying the green natural scenery, it may be perfect to visit the royal botanic gardens. This tourist attraction is a garden that has an area of ​​36 hectares which is filled with trees and grass and is equipped with a lake. So that there will be many plant species contained in it to increase your knowledge.

Best Access to Transportation while Around Melbourne

If you are visiting Melbourne but do not know about the best alternatives to get around the capital city of Victoria, the information below will answer your curiosity. There are several types of transportation that you can use to get around the city of Melbourne comfortably.

  • Train

Trains are one of the most popular forms of transportation used by locals to get to a destination quickly and comfortably. Moreover, this type of transportation operates every day from morning to midnight. If you want to visit the Melbourne Aquarium as previously mentioned, this type of transportation provides a route to get to that destination. You only need to visit the main station first.

  • Bike

If you want to feel relaxed while traveling around this city, I suggest using the bicycle rental services that are around the main road. There are some of the most popular routes to explore by bicycle such as the Yarra River bank trail.