How to Choose the Right Supported Independent Living (SIL) Provider

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Before we started, we need to know the difference between SIL (Supported Independent Living) and SDA (Special Disability Accommodation). Both of them are programs to help people living with disability to get accommodation, and live with support, or care they will need. There is a lot of information regarding both SIL and SDA, so we will clarify both of them first.

To put it simply, SDA is the house of accommodation in itself. It is a house designed for people with disabilities. While SIL in itself is support or care for people living inside that house, and care provided for people with disabilities who want to live independently. SIL provider will provide care and support while also sometimes providing them with SDA. 

Sometimes, both SDA and SIL aren’t funded together, and SIL in itself might not use SDA, but it can also use a variety of settings and accommodations other than SDA. 

Choose The Right Supported Independent Living Provider For You

First of all, you need to know, that after choosing SIL, you will live in a provided home for you, and be provided with a support worker. These support workers are people who will take care of you, do cleaning, cooking, managing around the house, and managing your relationship with other people living there with you. So, you need to tell the worker about your disability, and your needs, to best support you.

To choose the best SIL provider for you, here are 3 things to consider:

There are some things you need to consider when choosing the best SIL provider for you or your loved ones. How good is the reputation of that provider? Are they well suited for your needs, are they participant-focused providers? And how was their experience working with you or your loved ones’ disability, do they provide their own SDA?

  • Consider the provider’s reputation

There are many providers for SIL, each with its own different services, and care. One thing you should take into consideration is the provider’s reputation. Do they have a good reputation dealing with your disability? How well do they provide care and service? For more information, you should always ask the planner and support coordinator.

  • Are the provider is participant-focused?

This is important, do they concerned about you? About what do you want? Do they present you with any choice or options? How they give you the freedom to choose, and decisions being made by you. How well they develop and care for your needs of you.

  • Do they have experience working and handling your disability?

This isn’t entirely a bad thing or a deal-breaker. Usually, when people work as a support worker, they have experience in handling each disability, and if it isn’t they will gladly learn about it. It is also sometimes things to consider about how well they handle your disability, and if they have a team of supports to take care of your disability.

  • Do they provide SDA?

Some support providers will provide you with SDA, but some might not. Ask yourself or your loved ones what kind of SDA they need or want, and how well it should be designed for you.Choosing the best supported independent living might not be easy, however, a team of support workers, and providers will gladly help you with your needs.

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